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The new Eastern Daily Press not only looks fresh…it tastes fresh too

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After the launch of Archant's new-look EDP, hundreds of advertisers and prospects are now sucking on their Eastern Daily Fresh whilst reading the paper.

The Eastern Daily Fresh mints are being distributed alongside marketing collateral and merchandising packs, designed to promote the biggest re-launch of Archant’s dailies in a generation.

Archant’s Trade Marketing Director Tom Kay said: "We’ve been teasing the B2B community for weeks via a series of video messages which cumulated in a big reveal ahead of the re-launch.

"There was a real appetite from advertisers and prospects to find out more – with the videos receiving a 23% click-to-open rate (against a national average of 3%).

"In addition, we’ve created some quirky things for the EDP and EADT brands to keep advertisers engaged – I understand clients are already asking if they can buy the Eastern Daily Fresh in the shops."

You can view the EDP and EADT relaunch adverts, which are currently running on Mustard TV, by clicking here.

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