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Put customers first and work together chief tells Archant winners

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Archant has honoured some of its outstanding staff and products from around the company at its annual awards lunch at the Landmark Hotel in London on June 28.

While congratulating all the winners from across the company who attended the lunch, chief executive Adrian Jeakings had two simple messages for his audience of 180.

“Remember to put the customer first and work together and learn from one another so that we really can put our customers first and give them what they need.

“We are where we are today because of our strength in print and many of the skills that come from that tradition will be just as essential in the future,” said Adrian.

“Those of you in the audience who consider themselves to be print people have a huge amount to learn from the digital people. But equally, the digital people have just as much to learn from those grounded in print.

“So the challenge for us is to get as good at digital stuff, and exhibitions, and video, and all the other new things we are doing, as we are at print. We are already brilliant at print, we need to focus on becoming brilliant at all the new stuff.

“If we can work together to do that we can be sure that we will always be able to satisfy our customers, now and in the future.”

Adrian revealed that the 2013 Archant Awards had honoured over 80 divisional winners, most of whom were in the audience.

Winning staff and teams included:

Archant Suffolk Sales Director, Julian Evans, who won the Contribution to Client Success Award for: “A brilliant partnership, improving the customer’s performance and putting our titles in the local community spotlight - revenue up by 270% and a very satisfied customer.”

Archant Norfolk Sports Reporter, Michael Bailey, won the Creative Content Award after demonstrating “considerable drive, enthusiasm and an unstoppable desire to create really compelling creative content on every platform,” for his work on the EDP, Evening News, Pink Un, their websites and Mustard TV.

Rob Spencer, Digital Advertising Specialist from Archant Anglia was named Customer Service and Support Person of the Year for being: “Customer focused, solving their issues and making sure that campaigns deliver exceptional results for clients.”

Archant staff were asked to choose the Archant Unsung Hero of the Year and they responded in their hundreds.

They voted the winner as Archant Norfolk Editor-in-Chief’s PA and Departmental Administrator, Sandra Mackay. Her nomination said: "The zeal and happy efficiency which Sandra brings to the task is a shining example for everyone within the company. Add in her customer service skills in dealing with both internal and external relationships and it is clear what an enormous, unsung, asset Sandra is to Archant."

Archant Norfolk Features Writer, Emma Lee, was named Green Person of the Year for: “Showing a clear understanding of the Green agenda and furthered the cause of sustainability while helping to create a new revenue stream by writing informative, factual copy which is also entertaining.”

Archant London Magazines Business Development Director, Heather Jones-Hughes, was named Archant Leader of the Year. She was described as: “An inspirational leader who keeps the team motivated and smiling during tough and changing times. Demonstrating enthusiasm, drive and determination to build a highly focused and results-driven team.”

Archant’s Employee of the Year is Nikki Borrett, Advertising Sales Administrator, from Archant Norfolk. Judges’ said: “Our winner is a true asset who follows up on absolutely everything, provides unrivalled customer service and is totally dedicated to seeing every job right through to the end.”

The Digital Ad Design Team from Archant Publishing Services were named Team of the Year for: “Their innovation, constant development and learning and pushing the boundaries in a developing medium and producing results for clients on a daily basis.”

Winner of the Innovation of the Year - Product or Service category was the Container App Platform, Archant Lifestyle, which judges described as: “An important and genuinely innovative platform producing real new revenues and new opportunities across all product lines and geographies throughout Archant.”

Winner of the Innovation of the Year – Process, was You, Me and Archant from Archant Lifestyle. Judges’ said it was: “A true game-changer with the possibility of delivering huge value to customers by properly understanding their needs and creatively giving them solutions.”

The new Archant Inspiring Communities Award was jointly awarded to two winners who inspired two very different types of community.

First joint winner was Archant Norfolk’s Eastern Daily Press, which judges praised for: “Its inspiring campaigning on behalf of many of the communities which it serves. The team has a total focus in ensuring that it is at the very heart of these communities.”

Second joint winner was the Harley-Davidson Owners Group – Internal Member Communications team from Archant Dialogue. Judges described the team’s work as: “A case study in customer loyalty and relationship management with a year of spectacular success, engaging a demanding community in multiple languages and via a range of media channels.”

The final award was the Chief Executive’s Special Award, which celebrates extraordinary contributions that has moved Archant a big step forward towards its goals and objectives.

The winner was the Subscriptions Team from Archant Lifestyle. Judges’ said: “Our winners live for their customers. The key to their approach is to surprise and delight, consistently turning complaints into opportunities and unhappy customers into brand champions.”

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