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Paper's new look wins over readers

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A total redesign of the weekly free Exmouth Herald newspaper has been warmly greeted by readers and advertisers.

With the help of Archant Publishing Services' head of editorial design, Dominic Castle, the Archant South West title has been rebranded as a weekender/leisure type product, carrying what’s on news as well as topics such as book reviews, fashion, readers’ photographs and chef’s page.

Commercial director Anna Atkinson and Devon newspaper group editor Phil Griffin visited Norwich last autumn for a briefing session with Dominic.

They explained how the redesign of the Herald, which operates in the same town as the paid-for Exmouth Journal, was aimed at the giving the Herald a clearly defined new role – and an exciting, new look.

“We wanted to give both the free and the paid-for titles the chance to grow by giving them different editorial functions,” said group editor Phil.

Sales manager Daniel Frye said: “We recognised that the two papers were competing with each, rather than complementing each other. They now have very clear roles in the market place.

“We’re delighted with the feedback we’re getting. It has really enthused the sales team.”

Herald sales representative, Joff Alexander-Frye, said: “It’s great to go out with a bright, lively product to sell. It’s certainly had a positive effect.”

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