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Mustard TV takes on the Mannequin Challenge

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It’s the latest craze sweeping the internet - and now the Mannequin Challenge has made it onto Mustard TV's The Mustard Show - with the team opening last Friday’s programme with their very own take on the viral sensation.

The Mannequin Challenge has so far been undertaken by the likes of Paul McCartney, Michelle Obama and Adele - not to mention presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who was caught standing motionless the night before last week’s US election.

The stunt has even made it as far as the football pitch, with England player Jamie Vardy striking a mannequin pose in celebration of his goal against Spain this week.

And now Archant's Mustard TV have joined in the fun with their own version, which was used to open The Mustard Show last week.

The challenge involves participants striking a dramatic pose and then staying as still as possible whilst being filmed.

It is believed that the viral phenomenon was started by students at Edward H. White High School in Jackson, Florida last month - whose video inspired a host of celebrities and other YouTube users across the globe to follow suit.

Mustard’s video was filmed in one take in Archant's Head Office Prospect House and features show guests the 'Sing Happy Choir' as well as the crew and presenters.

View the Mustard TV Mannequin Challenge by clicking here.

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