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Archant title launches responsible wildlife travel campaign

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A popular Archant Specialist wildlife magazine has teamed up with a charity campaign to encourage tourists to enjoy the world’s animals – but without harming them.

Wild Travel magazine has formed an official media partnership with, a campaign aimed at giving tourists advice on being ‘animal-friendly’.

Matthew Havercroft, editor of Wild Travel, said: “It’s our mission to help people to discover the world’s most spectacular wildlife in a responsible way. The message that the RIGHT tourism campaign is sending out tallies perfectly with our own ethos. So we’re looking forward to working together to celebrate the wonders of the natural world and raise awareness of the myriad of issues affecting the most vulnerable species around the globe.”

Philip Mansbridge, CEO of Care for the Wild, which runs the campaign, said he was ‘delighted’ to be teaming up with Wild Travel.

“Some animal abuse is obvious – we’d hope that people now know that bullfighting is horribly cruel – but it’s not always that easy: it might not occur to someone that swimming with a dolphin could be doing it harm, or that stroking a lion cub may be condemning it to death.

“Wild Travel’s readers are people who love wildlife, and love travel. By teaming up with the magazine, hopefully we can ensure that the message about being a RIGHT-tourist, which means enjoying wildlife without harming it, is spread far and wide.”

For factual information on animal-related tourist attractions in every country of the world, see RIGHT-tourism stands for Responsible, Informed, Guilt-Free and Humane Tourism.

Care for the Wild is a charity based in Sussex dedicated to the protection of wildlife in the UK and abroad. For more information see

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