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Archant sponsors NCTJ training award

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Archant is to sponsor the National Council for the Training of Journalists’ award for the best shorthand performance at 100 words per minute, underlining its commitment to quality journalism.

Each year leading journalism training organisation the NCTJ presents an award to the student who delivers the best shorthand note and transcription at 100% accuracy in the 100wpm exam. This student receives a certificate and also a cheque for £250.

Shorthand is a key skill for journalists, who regularly need to take down notes quickly and accurately and cannot rely on recording devices. It is taught on all NCTJ-accredited courses and students are encouraged to achieve the gold standard of 100wpm.

The BBC Radio 4 programme Word of Mouth recently broadcast an episode on the history and use of shorthand that featured an interview with NCTJ chairman Kim Fletcher. During the show Kim commented that “shorthand is as important as ever” partly because editors want their trainees to have it as it is such a useful tool for efficient reporting. This fact has been highlighted by Archant’s support.

Speaking about the announcement, NCTJ chief executive Joanne Butcher said: “We are delighted that Archant is sponsoring this award. The NCTJ awards recognise exceptional students and it is fantastic that the largest independent regional media group in the UK is supporting young talent and high standards of performance in this way.”

Archant chief executive, Adrian Jeakings, said: “Fast and accurate note-taking and fact-gathering is a key skill for our reporters and helps to underpin the quality of our publications, which is paramount for our audience. We are therefore delighted to support this award.”

The winning NCTJ student will receive the award from Archant London’s North London group editor Geoff Martin at the NCTJ’s Shorthand Seminar on June 16 in London.

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