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Archant reporters conduct extensive poll of EU referendum views

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The Eastern Daily Press and East Anglian Daily Times published the first and most comprehensive poll of views about the upcoming European Union referendum in the region this week.

Reporters spoke to 1,280 people face to face in towns in the patch from Wisbech in the west to Clacton in the east last week to gauge views ahead of the prime minister’s crunch summit.

Of those who reporters at the two flagship titles spoke to, 38pc said they would like to leave, 34pc said they wanted to remain in the European Union and 28pc said they were undecided.

About 25 reporters were involved in the project across about 20 town and city centres, with graphic journalist Annette Hudson making sure that the findings were presented in a compelling and accessible way.

Group political editor Annabelle Dickson said: “With our network of district offices we are uniquely placed to get out into our towns to really find out what people are thinking. Our poll didn’t rely on only those with access to the internet, or who were at home by the phone, we were able to speak to people of a variety of ages, genders and occupations in our busy town centres giving us a good indication of what people are thinking.

“There were some fascinating results which created lots of discussion – from the direct correlation between age and how people were likely to vote, to how views varied in different parts of the patch.”

“We plan to conduct a similar poll nearer to referendum polling day, when it is decided, to see how views have shifted.”

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