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Archant launches Magazine Club

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Magazine Club is a new multi-title subscription service offering users unlimited access to over 35 monthly magazine publications from Archant. Alongside the latest issues each month, users can explore large archives of past issues with over 650 magazine editions available at launch.

The service allows users to enjoy a wide range of magazines for just £4.99 a month, with the ability to read as many different titles and editions as they wish.

Created to be multi-device friendly, Magazine Club is accessible via a responsive website and dedicated Android and iOS apps, allowing users to access editions on all of their devices and take their magazines with them wherever they go.

The project, spearheaded by Archant's Digital Magazines Manager Chris Scarle and Digital Marketing Executive Mitch Williams, has been designed to drive circulation by increasing cross title readership and attracting new audiences.

“Looking at our current digital marketing activity, we know there is huge potential in this area. By maximising exposure to our magazine portfolio and lowering the cost barrier to try additional titles, we are confident we can substantially increase the percentage of readers accessing multiple Archant magazines each month” said Chris Scarle, Digital Magazines Manager.

“When looking into the idea initially, we identified a number of core target crossover areas where we saw great potential to attract new audience, especially internationally. By combining individual titles into topic specific groups we open up a host of new marketing opportunities and greatly increase the appeal for new readers” said Mitch Williams, Digital Marketing Executive.

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