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Archant helps family butcher adopt cutting-edge digital marketing strategy

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A Kent family-run butcher has launched an innovative mobile marketing strategy with the help of media company Archant’s Digital Ventures team.

JC Rook and Sons is a well-established butcher which has been trading in Kent for 48 years and employs 158 people. It has 13 shops operating throughout east and mid Kent with its own production and distribution facility as well as food services department for supplying restaurants, schools, hotels and pubs.

Being a forward-thinking business, Rooks already had an e-commerce website and was using digital channels to generate new customers and keep existing ones.

However, Rooks did not have a site that was optimised for tablet or mobile devices. They also appreciated that they needed another way to drive customer loyalty.

Archant’s mobile marketing services division provided Rooks with a native mobile application (available on iOS and Android handsets) which allows its customers to buy products from their mobile handset.

The mobile application also allows customers to use their phone as a mobile loyalty card. Customers scan a unique QR code when they purchase a product over £10 in value and collect a virtual stamp. When a customer has collected six stamps they receive a £5 voucher. The app also has the facility for Rooks to send messages to app users through push messages with time-sensitive special offers and mobile vouchers.

The app and mobile-optimised website launched at the end of August and has since had over 1,000 downloads. Repeat usage is very high and hundreds of loyalty stamps and vouchers have been redeemed.

Terry McCusker, Head of Mobile for Archant, said: “Mobile is set to be one of the biggest channels in digital advertising. Rooks are taking cutting-edge technology and applying it to the real world of a small to medium enterprise. We found at the start of the project that some users were having issues with network connectivity as many of Rooks’ stores are on the coast. We suggested they install a Wi-Fi booster in their stores and the app now works seamlessly across all handsets and networks. “We believe that Rooks is one of the first businesses of its size to use mobile marketing in this unique way,” said Terry.

Director Chris Rook said: "By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. (Source: Cisco, 2013) and it has been long recognised by Rook’s that in order for a local independent family business to survive in the cut throat world of food retail, we have to modernise and move with the times- else we will be left behind. These are extremely exciting times for us as we develop our business and we are proud to be part of the technological revolution. Give the app a go and download it today. It won’t disappoint. We will even give you free sausages as a thank you!"

Community media company Archant, set up a mobile marketing services division last year as part of its Digital Ventures (business incubator) unit to respond to the explosion of smartphone devices and the growing consumer adoption of mobile app, mobile web and SMS usage.

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