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Archant Dialogue announces Agency Director appointment

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Archant has announced the appointment of Zoe Francis-Cox as the new Agency Director for Archant Dialogue.

Zoe, who currently works as Archant Dialogue's Publishing and Content Director, has been promoted to the new position of Agency Director with immediate effect.

Since joining Archant, Zoe has made a significant contribution to Dialogue's business growth and development - and more recently she has played a major role in re-engineering Dialogue’s structure and processes, resulting in a significant improvement in revenue growth and profitability.

“Archant Dialogue’s current portfolio of national and international clients is a great reflection of the quality of work that Dialogue produces, as one of the UK’s leading multi-channel content marketing agencies.

“I would like to wish Zoe every success in leading the Dialogue business and continuing with its trajectory of growth and improved profitability” said Craig Nayman, Archant's Chief Commercial Officer.

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