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Archant completes legal restructure

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Community media publisher Archant has completed a change to its legal structure bringing it into line with the way the company actually operates.

The change, completed on November 16, did not involve any job losses, saves the company money, and simplifies how the various parts of the business work together.

It does mean that some employee’s employing company has moved from one Archant legal entity to another – without any change to pay or benefits.

The aim of the change was to simplify the trading companies into one single legal entity – now called Archant Community Media Limited. This does not change the name of the group which remains as Archant Ltd.

Archant chief executive, Adrian Jeakings, said: “The whole purpose of this move was to complete a simplification and realignment of our legal structures to bring them into line with the markets we serve. It will enable us to focus on serving our customers even more closely.”

“Increasingly our employees are working on more group-wide initiatives and sometimes for several divisions at once, so these changes will facilitate easier ways of working.”

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