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Alastair Campbell joins The New European as Editor-at-Large

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Archant's The New European, the national newspaper for the 48% who voted Remain at the EU Referendum, has today announced that Alastair Campbell will be joining the editorial board as Editor-at-Large.

Alastair will help shape editorial policy, provide advice to the The New European Editor Matt Kelly, and contribute to and commission regularly for the paper.

Matt Kelly, Editor of The New European, said: “I am thrilled he has finally agreed to become the paper’s Editor-at-Large. He has been a huge supporter of ours from day one because we believe the same thing – that leaving the EU will do real damage to the country, and we cannot roll over and let Theresa May and the right-wing media cartel drive Britain over a cliff. We are especially excited because unlike some other recent high profile editorial appointments, Alastair also happens to be a genuine and proven journalistic talent, which has got to be an advantage. He was political editor of the Daily and Sunday Mirror, and assistant editor (politics) at Today before joining Tony Blair in 1994, and is now GQ chief interviewer and a columnist for the International Business Times, as well as a best-selling author. The New European will be paying Alastair for his work for us, but at his insistence it will be ‘a lot less than George Osborne gets for any of his job’.”

Alastair Campbell, Editor-at-Large of The New European said: “The New European has been one of the few good things to emerge from the EU Referendum. I have done my bit to help the paper get off the ground, and now I intend to do a lot more to show that the Brextremist Lie Machine can be defeated, and the real national interest pursued, as opposed to the disastrous hard Brexit route Mrs May has chosen. I know that right now, we are in a minority in thinking Brexit can be stopped. But I am sure we are not in a minority in thinking it could well lead to disaster, and as the government head further down the route to the post Article 50 cliff edge, I believe the country can, must and will change its mind about the decision taken last year. The New European has a vital role to play in countering the lies of the Brextremist papers, and in challenging both the government and the other parties over their handling of this, the most important issue of our lifetime.”

Alastair Campbell has written for The New European regularly since it began in July. Most notably in September 2016, The New European secured the exclusive serialisation rights to the latest volume of Alastair Campbell’s diaries – which can be ordered with a subscription here.

Alastair has secured pieces for the paper from figures as varied as Tony Blair, Martin McGuinness, Dave Brailsford and many others including, in this coming Friday’s paper, an exclusive article written by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

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