Careers: A Day in the Life

Sadie Jennings - Senior Marketing Executive

Why do you like working for Archant?

Working for such a large publishing company means I’m able to work in a very creative role and get directly involved with every area of marketing. I’m able to work on tasks involving anything from design ideas for print campaigns and digital adverts to outdoor marketing and writing content for sales materials, blogs, press releases and websites.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

My favourite part of my job is putting together a brand campaign from scratch and working on every element, from drawing designs and copy writing to organising photo shoots and proof reading – and then seeing the final thing in print. I also love running the email marketing for a variety of our brands because I can write and design whole email campaigns and send them to thousands of audience members.

What are the challenges?

As the marketing activities I’m responsible for vary every day I never quite know how hectic my day is going to get and it can often mean lots of running around the office!

What is it about the media industry that made you want to be in this role?

I always had an interest in publishing and a role within the media industry enables me to work in a creative environment that is always changing. The significant shift towards promoting brands with digital marketing means I can get involved in new and exciting activities across platforms which are consumed by thousands of people every day.

Give us an interesting fact about yourself.

I once made a giant Peanut Butter Cup bigger than my head.

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