Careers: A Day in the Life

Dennis Rogers - Production Manager

Why do you like working for Archant?

Archant is a company with a strong regional identity while also having a strong national presence. Working at Head Office provides me with an opportunity to develop good working relationships locally whilst also meeting and assisting colleagues and customers further afield. I particularly enjoy my day-to-day role as leader of a highly motivated, skilled and creative set of people who fuel my own drive and ambition! I enjoy meeting our targets, having input into the production of quality publications and providing the business with solutions to creative and digital design issues as they arise.

What is the most interesting part about your job?

Meeting different people, whether internal or external customers, is always really interesting. Being able to give my teams the chance to use their design skills to provide new, unique and creative concepts in different media formats (which the sales teams can then sell) can also be fascinating. I have a real sense of satisfaction when I receive positive feedback about something one of the team has produced and I can pass that praise on to them – it’s fantastic!

What are the challenges?

In Production, there is very little flexibility on deadlines. For both our print and digital publications it is essential that we meet all deadlines and we do so accurately. Therefore, planning and organising my day is essential. There is a great sense of pride when all our targets are met! The publishing industry has undergone rapid change over the last few years. Undoubtedly, the greatest challenge is keeping up to date with the recent advances in technology. Digital innovation means we need to be flexible and learn new specialised skills quickly so we can remain at the forefront of the industry.

What is it about the media industry that made you want to be in this role?

I have worked in the media industry for most of my working life. Starting out as a proof- reader, I have progressed through the ranks to my current role as Production Manager. I have always wanted to be involved in the world of media – it’s a fast paced environment in which the demands of staying one step ahead provide a real buzz. The growth of the digital era provides further opportunities which I look forward to being part of.

Give us an interesting fact about yourself.

I’ve twice completed the London Marathon. I am a Level 3 English Cricket Board qualified coach. I am born and raised in New Zealand, and am proud to be a Kiwi.

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