Careers: A Day in the Life

Holly Mason - Marketing Specialist

Why do you like working for Archant?

Working at Archant allows me to utilise my experience and passion for digital marketing with a client centric approach. Each day can be very different and full of opportunities.

What is the most interesting part about your job?

Working alongside a range of clients whilst using Archant’s huge portfolio of products and services allows me to develop and deliver our clients' marketing strategies that support their business objectives, which is very exciting from the first meeting through to reporting, optimisation and monthly reviews. I love supporting clients not only in their marketing activity but also supporting in the educational process around digital marketing. Empowering clients is very fulfilling.

What are the challenges?

Digital marketing is vast! It’s made up of so many marketing channels and each day something in the industry changes, develops, comes to market etc. The challenge I take on each day is to keep my knowledge up to date and ensure my clients have the most current knowledge to develop their strategies.

What is it about the media industry that made you want to be in this role?

The world of media is ever changing which offers an amazing industry to work in. The potential to utilise media to grow local and national brands via creative and holistic marketing strategies is also very exciting.

Give us an interesting fact about yourself

I’m a qualified personal trainer and ran the Brighton marathon in 2010

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