Adam Cole

Title: Data & Insight Director

Based: Norwich

Hi Adam, you’ve an interesting role at Archant, but tell us a little bit about your background?

Strangely my background isn’t in data but in retail. I managed a clothing outlet before making the transition to telesales with Archant 8 years ago. I’ve always been the type of person that likes to get involved in new things and when Archant launched a new digital directory service for SMES, I was able to offer ideas and suggestions based on my background and translate the skills I had learned into a successful sales role. To be ‘invited in’ to the group that was launching a new product was really rewarding and taught me so much about sales pipelines, objection handling and relationship skills as well as data and people management - skills I’ve been able to use to grow my role within the company.

What do you do now?

Data is vitally important – but Insight is invaluable for both our customers and our own business. It helps drive a company, give clarity to the decision making process and ensure we are making decisions based on facts. I work with all parts of our business, from our content and journalism teams, to our commercial and marketing partners, to ensure we interpret data and provide actionable insight to make our company and the service it provides stronger and more robust.

What would you say the culture at Archant is like?

I’ve had great managers at Archant. People who are brilliant coaches. They have brought the right balance of help and support, coupled with a sense of ‘OK, how are you going to solve the problem – here are the tools – lets work it through’. This means you learn much more rather than just a yes, no answer or your boss doing everything for you all the time. I’ve also attended many external learning courses and the Archant Leadership Academy has helped me grow as a manager. I now look after a growing team of people with really exciting and varied skill sets. Archant has also helped connect me with my counterparts in similar roles across the UK. If you want to learn and grow, I think you’ll find real encouragement here.

Would you recommend a career at Archant?

Yes. Our organisation is changing all the time and that’s exciting. We’re innovative and creative. There are lots of challenges to solve and that makes it an exciting place to be.

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