Chantelle Rankin

Title: Digital team, Norfolk

Location: Norwich

Hi Chantelle, tell us more about what you do?

I’m the Digital Administrator which means I look after the smooth running of our digital teams and ensure our customers are happy. I work very closely with our web build team and have learnt how to build websites for customers which is fantastic as I love the world of digital.

When did you join Archant?

I joined 18 months ago and worked as a telesales executive, helping customers with classified advertising. I’ve always had a buzz about digital and when an opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance.

Why does digital advertising excite you?

I love the interactivity and transparency digital advertising brings. As part of my role, I view real-time data regarding our clients campaigns and provide help on how we can optimise, tweak and improve. I find this really interesting and our customers are blown away as to how quickly we can respond.

What’s it like working at Archant?

Archant is filled with so many different types of people so it never gets boring. I feel my managers are continually investing in me as I’ve been on many digital courses. As a relatively new member of the team I’m also learning from my workmates who are great – they really care about making you feel included.

What’s next?

I know I want a career with Archant - I’ve never felt as settled in any previous jobs as I do here.

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