Careers: Learning & Development

Here at Archant we truly believe in supporting and developing our people helping staff reach their full potential. The HR and Development teams work across the business to help identify the skills, knowledge and behaviours our business requires, and then build these competencies and capabilities into our business through an ever growing number of learning solutions all based on the 70:20:10 learning model. We are committed to becoming a learning organisation.

Leadership Academy

We developed the Archant Leadership Academy to ensure we have the skills and ability to meet the needs of our people and our customers and effectively deliver our strategic objectives. The multi-level academy supports the development of leadership at all levels across our organisation, from budding first time managers to departmental heads and members of our senior management community.

Sales Academy

Archant takes pride in the quality of our sales staff and we have created a whole learning programme to give the right skills to new staff and the development of our existing sales teams. This learning and development programme ranges from introductions to our products, systems and processes, through to presentation skills to consultative selling skills.

Digital Training

We constantly review our product offering to Clients and over the last 20 years we have had both digital and print products in our portfolio. However the importance of digital to our audiences and our advertisers have significantly increased over the past few years. During this period Archant has made a huge effort to ensure our staff has the relevant digital skills, knowledge and behaviours to best serve our audiences and advertiser alike. In the spring of 2015 we launched the Archant Digital Development Programme and in the following 9 months ran over 250 workshops in approximately 20 of our locations around the UK. Almost 50% of our 1600+ staff have now completed the programme or are currently attending the programme and it is truly establish as the foundation of our digital learning and development offering.

Since June of this year all our sales staff are being trained on our new suite of GO Target Digital display products which we believe meet our customers’ needs for highly targeted online products. These products are easy to sell and easy to understand, highly transparent with strong reporting and feedback from customers are that they really work!

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