Careers: Interview Hints and Tips

If your application is successful, we will ask you to attend an interview.

Your interview will be focused on how your skills and knowledge enable you to work effectively in different working environments. The questions that you are asked will be chosen with a view to extracting information about the capabilities that are necessary for the vacancy you are applying for. We are looking to find out whether your talents are a good match for the demands of the role. The interviewers will ask you to provide particular examples about a situation or task, and you might also be asked to elucidate your answers with more information about your actions or the final outcomes you achieved.

Prepare yourself well

Try to evaluate how you’ve performed in your current and past roles against the requirements in the job description, and think of some examples from your experience that are relevant to these requirements. You’ll find it easier to describe your strengths and experience if you consider this in advance. Ask yourself, for any specific experience:

  • What were the difficulties or setbacks that I faced?

  • How did I address these challenges?

  • What resulted from my choices and actions?

  • What have I learned from this experience?

Maximising your potential at interview

This interview is an opportunity for you to reveal how you work and to tell us about your most rewarding accomplishments. Relax and answer the questions truthfully. If you don’t understand something, simply ask the interviewer to repeat the question or phrase it differently. Don’t rush – take time to think and use lots of examples from your experience in the workplace.

This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the role, Archant as a company and our values. Think about what aspects of the role and company you’d like to know more about and prepare some questions for your interviewers. This will help you decide if Archant is right for you.

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