Careers: Application Process

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Searching for a job

We recruit for a wide range of roles across the whole of our organisation. Our centralised jobs page will let you find jobs at Archant, regardless of your area of expertise, level of experience or geographical location. Click here to start looking for your ideal role.

Work Experience

The opportunities we offer in journalism are ideal for those that are interested in this as a career and have already made steps in that direction with their educational choices. This opportunity allows candidates to spend a week here, accompanying a reporter enabling them to be certain that this is the right career direction.

There is always a waiting list of several months for any work experience opportunities so please apply with plenty of time. As a popular choice we are inundated with requests and are only able to offer a limited number of places, therefore your application would need to stand out to be short-listed.

Please apply to the appropriate contact for your required location.

Cheltenham/Daresbury Kate Lloyd-Davies

Stevenage Hayley Tiptaft

London / Ashford Hayley Tiptaft

Norwich non-reporting Debbie Silk

Norwich – Reporting Sandra Mackay

Ipswich Jane Berry

South West Hannah Mock

Worthing / Wokingham Nicola Walton

Application Process

There are three stages to our initial online application process.

  • Application form
  • Ability tests
  • Psychometric test

Once we receive your application form, this will be screened by our Recruitment team. If you are short listed, you will be invited to carry out some online ability assessments and a personal profile analysis. The personal profile analysis shows your preferred style of working and is a behavioural analysis, emphasising your strengths and capabilities in the work environment. The PPA is not a test - you cannot ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ it. For each question you select one word that most describes you in a work environment, and one word which least describes you. Your performance in the ability assessments is measured both on speed and accuracy. If you achieve the benchmark for each section of the ability tests, you will be invited to attend an interview.

If successful at your initial interview, you will be invited back for a second interview to meet with a member of the HR team in addition to the Hiring Manager you’ll have seen initially. Full details of each stage will be sent to you via email.

We want to ensure that each candidate receives the outcome of their application as soon as possible and therefore we would recommend getting your application to us early and regularly checking your emails to ensure you can complete each stage promptly to progress your application further.

Interviewing Process

We will make every effort to review your application as quickly as possible; however it is important that we select candidates who are right for the role and our organisation, so don’t worry if it takes a couple of weeks for us to review your application.

If you are selected to complete online assessments and you pass them, we will send your results to you with your interview details. Click here to read some interview hints and tips. If you’re not selected, we’ll keep your details in our system for future opportunities.

If you have any questions about career opportunities or the application process at Archant, please don’t hesitate to contact us –

James Broughton / 01603 772856

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